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"The most generous developments have been reached, 
where two totally different ways of thinking coincided." Werner Heisenberg

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A new age has just started! We are learning to use the enormous potential of new inexhaustible energy sources. By combining spiritual experiences, cognitions and the knowledge of ancient cultures with modern technology, new energetic devices with undreamed properties can be created!

Horus Energypyramid® is  such a discovery. It's the result of a long search for holistic energy concepts, which consider the consciousness and the chakras of a human being. They can give you the possibility to discover what a human being really is, and to develop your mental abilities!

Horus Energypyramid® are compatible with the chinese Feng Shui concept and they are perfect to harmonize and energize your buildings and plots.

Horus Energypyramid® exist since 1990, and meanwhile a worlwide network in 54 countries has arised.

We wish you a prosperous time and a lot of pleasure studying our pages!

The future starts here!  

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The Beginning of a New Era of Spiritual Technics

We are beginning a new era of technology with the unique bioactive energy fields from the Horus Energypyramid®: You can purify your living and working place and advance your life´s quallity with the Horus Energypyramid®: Through a screening from geographic zones and water routes, protection from electrosmog by stabilizing your immune and resistance system. Relax and sleep better after the screening from your home with a overwhelming amount of Prana (life energy).

With the right feeling for spiritual powers the special bio-active power field of the Original Horus Energypyramid® insures you a high achivement level and happiness in life. Use the creative potential of the subtil energy field to increase your spiritual capacity and to reach your goals. Bring harmony into your working area by reducing human tensions with the harmonious, bioactive powerfields. Gain a new feeling of security and harmony!

1990 in the garden of my Kyborg institute®, I felt inspired to build two pyramids attached into each other in the middle with an acryl rod (a biological neutral plastic). The double pyramid is 2 yards high, and you can even stand inside of it. Later on I got to know that the inspiration came to me through medial guidence by Horus®. Since then many people have used the Horus Energypyramid® and agree with their reports about a calming and harmonious effect in their housing.

After just a few minutes they feel full of new life and fresh energy. Everybody can feel the living power that constantly flows out of the Original Horus Energypyramid®. We are working with cosmic and earthborn energies. So we stabilize and protect our environment. In the mean time we have 20 years of experience with best results. 

Model A 7,2 inch high has strongly effects on our 4.th chakra. You recieve a new feeling of warmth, safeness and closeness within yourself. 
Horus Energypyramid® A stabilizes with it's bioactive powerfields our ability of selfrealisation. It also has an effect from at least 20 yards diameter to purify against negative influences and earth radiations. With daily meditations on the Horus Energypyramid® you will live and sleep peacefully under the shelter of divin forces.


Model B 18 inch high. It has a strong screening field with at least 60 yards diameter, it's much more powerfull than model A. It mainly stimulates our 3.rd chakra und herewith our personal power output. It is mentioned for people who need stimulation for intensive duties and power intensive jobs.

Model C 72 inch high floods the whole enviroment with Prana (Orgon) which causes an overwhelming life energy and makes life worth living again. This pyramid can screen a diameter from more than 500 yards. Many people using this pyramid tell us about an intensive spirituel feeling where old emotional burdens seem to be cleared and fade away, and a feeling of personal freedom araises. This model has a strong effect on the chakras 1, 4 and 7. It is best for deep meditation, and it will give you shelter from all kind of negative mental influences comming from outside to your place. Once the pyramid is filled with rheinstones it intensifies and raises its vibrations.

pyramide a

Model A: with polyacrylplate and axel

Guiding Mankind Through A Better Futur
Sheltering Mankind And The Environement

Price: Euro 419.-

Model B: with polyacrylplates and with exchangeable polyacrylaxels. 
Crystalaxels for B models with different precious stones and gems fillings to increase healing energy

Price: Euro 1649.- - 3900,-

Modell C: with polyacrylaxel for filling with different rheinstones, it should be used always only one sort of stone.

Price: Euro 2349.-

All three Pyramids are usefull for another. 3 carefully choosen frequency that help us to constuct a positive life. The sizes we use are the results from a channeling message which I received in 1990 after 14 years of spiritual training (read my special book). The energy of the pyramids is activated through our thoughts. So that we control our future development and our lifes arrangement. People with spiritual experience will soon find out its special powers and abilities.

You can load up your naturopathic drugs and precious stones with the power of the pyramids to intensify their use. Mineral water can be activated with the pyramids energy, and will be used well for better regeneration. 

Let yourself get inspired! Today we face global problems which desperatly need answers. We can only master them, when people who are positivly orientated, use their spiritual callings. Often we think that we have no influence on foolisch political and economic ruling.

You will soon experience that with the special craft from the Original Horus Energypyramid® you can reach all your goals and make your dreams come true. Just one Horus Energypyramid® raises your spiritual potential. By working this way we mentally balance out this unbalanced world, and if we all positively use our gained spiritual potential, we will be able to leave a world for our children that's worth living in.

We must consciously reflect how we originally came to be. 
Cosmic mind lives in everyone. 
We should use it more often in our daily jobs and expressions.

The Horus Energypyramid® is a charakter symbol of human nature. It symbolizes everlasting life. The inner pyramid standing on its top represents the powers of earth which is open to the cosmos. The outer pyramid represents the cosmic energies surrounding earth. Both are connected with an organic rod which symbolizes mankind as Gods work on earth.

Horus Energypyramid® are a confension to life: Real life means enjoy your possibilities that a life on earth grants us! Those who cannot enjoy life, need more room in their soul to breathe. Only those who have time to leisure, have inspirations. That's the requirement for every new venture, and the will for new deeds.

A Horus Energypyramid® dekorates your house and garden. It gives it that extraordinary touch, that makes curious because of its originality, its an invitation to leisure. Every esoteric center, every healing center (Dr. offices, Hospitals ect.) that believe in natural healings, should set up a Horus Energypyramid® in their rooms, to intensify and strengthen their work with help of these concentrated natural energys. We can load up rheinstones and medicine or purify jewlery. Reports from non-medical practitioners and naturopaths certify and acknowledge our experiences, also psychotherapist and water-root searchers / diviners, and people with medial and healing talents.

At the Beginning 
of a New Age: 
The New Energy flowing!

The 10 yard high Horus Energypyramid® has been realized in 1999.


On 31 July ´99, after 10 years of preparation, the biggest Horus Energypyramid® in the world has been erected. It is located in French pyrenee mountains in South of France, approximately 40miles south of Toulouse on one of the greatest leylines of the earth magnetic field. 




It took me 10 years of preparation. There are projects that cannot be organized in a technical way when the result should be exact. If we want to have a bridge between mankind, technique, and nature with a positive result, we must stimulate the secret powers of our soul. The new great Horus Energypyramid use the power of the earth magnetic fields and radiates caused by it'sconstruction a subtle impulse. This impulse is floating into the constant stream of the Leyline around the whole world. All beings who live north of it will feel the frequency soon, and will have to confront themselves with it. The impulse serves a new orientation. It is a very gentle but yet powerful impulse. It is as if you have a new unkown gem in your hands. You will try to feel which purpose it could be used for or what you could do with it. And this inner confrontation with a new creative energy can lead to a complete revision of your own values.

You may ask yourself now, in which values we should categorize the creative impulse of the 10 yard Horus Energypyramid®. I think that it's task mainly is the reflection of our own inner talents.

In a straight line from the tall 33 feet high Horus Energypyramid® to the east the biggest installation with 7different Horus Energypyramids® has been activated July 31,1999. The 7 models from 7" to 10 yards height are located on a total length of about 500 feet. The distance between the models are always 3 diameter each of the larger model before. This way we get a special line of view. This line makes the total energy of the 7 different models flow into the leyline. We can say, that the sum of the different pyramid frequencies is being introduced with a certain rhythm into the leyline. This impulse goes around earth on all main leylines of earth, one time in approximately 8 months, caused through the flowing speed of the magnet field streams. That means on April 1, 2000 everyone on earth had recocnized consciously or sub-consciously that a new sound of life has been created. I speak very consciously about a sound (tone), because with a trick I succeeded to change the central acryl axle of the big Horus Energypyramid into a flute which is played by the wind. When the wind plays on it we hear the cosmic mantra "OM" at the small hole below and the air inside is vibrating.

The last tuning with this great arrangement of 7 pyramids was done on August 11, 99 at 12:40 in the moment of the almost total sun eclipse over western Europe. Many people observed that it was very quiet on earth at this moment. The insects were silent, the grasshoppers were quiet, many hushed. Cars were not heard, no animal or human noises. Nature held its breath and adjusted to the new frequency. I was waiting 10 years for exactly that moment, and I am happy that I was able to use this special moment, despite of quite a lot of difficulties. Of the mentioned 7 different Horus Energypyramid® 5 were already operating on August 11, 1999.The other 2 were activated on November 16, and December 28,1999. The installation was supplemented and expanded with an "IRMINSUL" on December 31, 1999.The complete installation has now a length of 750 feet, from the feet of the big pyramid to the IRMINSUL. That is the edge length of the Cheops pyramid. This distance can show visitors what the creators of the cheops pyramid have built 5000 years ago in eygypt. Finally, on January 6, 2000 we received the final construction permit from the French officials. So we were able to finish our great plan which Horus gave me in 1990 just in time.

I do not want to phantasize about the further possibilities or consequences. I rather observe, collect experiences, and I receive new perceptions among other sensitive people. Especially out of personal experiences we receive judiciousness which help us to better understand ourselves and nature.

Mankind has reached tremendous technical results within the last 100 years. But our own souls have suffered from it. Many invironmental problems and mental deseas of different social classes are the results of an ideology that wants to prove everything with technical instruments, and further more has lost the own sensitive perception of everything.

In the last 20 years my interest focused on the leylines and other special effects of the earth magnetic field. It is worth to look less on technical data that we can reach, but to emphasize on our intuition and visions.

Our society is fixed on rational methods, and does not give room for subjective talents like intuition. It leads to a deep distrust for the own inner perception. We can say that general fear is the result of a rational upbringing. The same applies to sickness. None gives us courage, to search for the cause of the illness. Supposely only doctors are able to do so.

It is the same pattern in religion. While natural societies have their own relationship to the beyond worlds and their gods, the christian churches need priest as a mediator. When ever a system needs a priest or mediator to give spiritual inspirations, the ability to gain new perceptions out of personal power (efforts) gets lost. By technical methods and rational thinking we have got a situation of low security for the whole nation. We need to come back to our roots, to our own mental power and natural spirituality. 

Therefore, it's my personal concern to motivate myself and you to think critical and have more self-confidence.

Only when we rescue our natural inner selfconfidence we can learn to solve our own life purpose. Only if we find a solution to our own tasks, a feeling of pleasure is experienced. We cannot live out of 2nd hand. 

The most important instrument for our invironment research is our own body and mind, which means our bioenergetic powerfield, which also is called the aura.


Info:  Martin Oberhauser

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New development: Horus Energypyramid Amulet ®

© An alchemistic masterpiece by D. H. Alke from Kyborg Institute ®
An amulet is a little object, manufactured in a special process, produced from special material, made in a special form. An amulet is made to give its owner shelter, security, and its special positiv vibrations help the owner on his way of life.

Beginning the 23rd year of Horus Energypyramid ® I have a new amulet for you! It represents a signifacant addition in our work with energy. It radiates the vibrations of the original Horus Energypyramid®.

The range of it’s magnetic field is at least 3 meters in radius. It uses the energy of the network of Horus Energypyramids ® built up all over Europe. With this amulet you are in direct contact with the energy of Horus, the divin child, protecting earth and humanity. It gives us strong protection and a thrill to do a good job in our life. With this special amulet you are always carrying a Horus Energypyramid with you.

According to alchemistic tradition I have used 5 essential metals to make it. It is gold-plated with pure 24 carat gold, is 60 mm in diameter and weighs 50 grams.

On one side the amulet shows the mandala of the Horus Energypyramid ® and includes a red ruby as a symbol of its fire energy. The other side is shaped in true wave structure of water. A blue sapphire in its middle symbolises the power of water. The union of the powers of water and fire are called the alchemistic wedding.

The Mandala of th Energypyramid® includes the holy octagonal Bagua of the I Ging. It is surrounded by 8 words of power: Horus Energypyramid® - Power & Success - Love & Enlightment - Shelter & Security.  I chose the English language because it stimulates our first chakra, the basis of our personal energy, security and self-preservation. It will give us the power of survival in difficult situations.

With a necklace of 65 cm in length we wear it in the centre of our chest close to the thymus. This is the place of our forth chakra. From here we get the power of love. This power is the best way to master the duties of the world. You should always carry this amulet when going out. It will protect you from all kinds of negative vibrations, stabilize your aura, and it will give you a feeling of sovereignty.

For use in Reiki you may place the amulet on the picture of a person to whom you want to send positive energy. If you want to make an other experience, just print out a picture of the biggest Horus Energypyramid in France and lay the amulet on it. Try to feel the tremendous energy that flows towards you from the biggest Horus Energypyramid in France! What a powerfull energy transfer!

All amulets are precharged by us in big Horus Energypyramid ® models. If you have your own Horus Energypyramid ®, just hold your amulet horizontally over the top with the Mandala facing down to your pyramid. Keep it in the vertical stream of energy of your pyramid for some minutes and feel what happens! This way it will be initiated by the energy of your own Horus Energypyramid. In bigger models like C and D you can hang on an amulet over the western corner of the inner pyramid. This interaction will substantially raise the energy of your big pyramid.

Once you have initiated your amulet with your own Horus Energypyramid ® you will always be connected to it when you wear it, wherever you may be! This way you can use the energy of your pyramid all over the world. This is a significant progress in the use of the energy of Horus Energypyramids ®!

Channeling message from Horus “This amulet is a very good way to reach lots of people. It will remind you daily of the positive powers of the universe. Those who can accept this flow of energy will receive help from me and all other divine beings taking care of the human race and their development. Use this chance to build up a true network of love. The new amulet is an amplifier to reach thousands of spiritually orientated people. Use this opportunity for a spiritual togetherness. The answer to your personal well-being and that of the human race is decided anew every moment. Every one gets new chances all the time. The universe loves you if you are able to love yourself. The amulet will remind you daily that your life makes sense, that it is worth living, loving and being loved. Make use of this chance! Love is the power that unites us all! Believe in yourself, in this world and in love! Sat nam!”

Love and light on all your ways, Joy in your hearts, may god bless you all!

All the best from D. H. Alke, Kyborg Institut & Publishing 2012/13

Please ask, if you have further questions!

Gold-plated amulet 24 carat with 1 red ruby and 1 blue sapphire, 6cm dia, 50 grams: € 299,-
Gold-plated necklace (45/65 and 75cm in length) from € 12 to € 42, on demand
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The products from Alke® ltd., Spiritual Arts & Magick and the opinions from Kyborg Institut® and D. H. Alke®, biological technician, founder of Alke® ltd. and Kyborg Institut®, have to be seen under the light of spiritual philosophy and religious insight of life, the way of the mystics. If you want to understand and use our products and educations in the right way, you cannot do this from the state of mind of the so-called "natural science". We see our experiences and knowledge in one line with spiritual ways of development like the traditional Indian Kundalini Yoga, and as well in the line of shamanism and natural healing methods of the medicinmen of natural tribes.  Use and activity of our original Horus Energypyramids® have to be seen in a certain interaction of these pyramids with the natural magnetic field of the earth and our own natural magnetic aura. The Horus Energypyramids® have the function of an antenna which takes up certain vibrations and builds up a special magnetic field with influence on the aura and the chakra system.  The results of use of Horus Energypyramids® in our opinion cannot be bad or missused, but any kind of use or result has to be seen in relation to the user and his special mindpower. This is why we disapprove and reject all kind of responsability for the results of the use of our pyramids. Any kind of use is under the responsability of the user. If there may raise questions or missunderstanding, finally not the English version of our explanations, but the German version of our philosophy has to be the basic of any kind of information and explanation. The Original Horus Energypyramids® are only produced by Alke ltd. Germany, and in any case of problems the place of jurisdiction will be Worms in Germany. 

For us it is important to attest that we are working with spiritual matters, and a high personal ethic status is the basis of our life and of our buisiness. The sale of our products is the way to spread out interesting experiences which may guide into a better futur of mankind. The way of jurisdiction in the USA and in other countries demands us to reject all kind of responsability for the use and results or no results of our Horus Energypyramids® or other magic instruments, as well for the teachings which are distributed through my homepage and through my books and CDs.. 
Under the eyes of natural science, christians and atheists our Horus Energypyramids® are nothing but fine arts, decoration for your living rooms and office, but they can be much more than that for those who have opened their spiritual eyes of truth and their chakras (which do not exist for most of the western doctors or physicians up today). We do not offer you a kind of wishfullfilling machine, and we do not offer you an antenna to get directly better health and help from suffering of certain illness. We have got now (2010) 20 years of experiences, our products have been spread out to 54 countries all over the world, and we got really a lot of wonderfull results by the use of this spiritual based technic. In our opinion all pyramids of this special type are influenced by the power of a great devine spirit which has been known in the former times of Egypt as the divine child Horus®. You may take part of a worldwide activity to use a new way of technology, to give impulsions from a new energy to make this world a better place. All our Horus Energypyramids® are in interaction with the natural magnetic field of mother Gaia, and so they are in correlation with each other over great distances. By the use of one of our pyramids you may join in this phantastic new network of natural magnetic energies. If you know meditation, Reiki, Tai Chi, Yoga, White Magic or other spiritual methods, you will feel immediately the flow of the energy field of our pyramids. Just make a test with your own methods on one of the photos of our pyramids. Try to feel which energy amount may raise up just from one of these photos on your screen if you try to concentrate on it and on the real Horus Energypyramids® which is behind. 

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